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About company

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"BILLUR" project-production firm have been created on October 12, 1990 with the 480th («About creation and development of the small enterprises») decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic and taken to the registration by Executive Authority Xatai district and in 04.05.1994 have been received registration with number 9376 in the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic. Basic activities of the firm consist of the preparing of project documentation and estimates of objects of water economy, fish farm, social and cultural objects.
At present, "BILLUR" project-production firm carries out activity from dated registration on December 15, 2009 years on the basis of series L-09-048 with licence 022556 of the State Committee of Building and Architecture of Azerbaijan Republic.


  • Name of the organization: "Billur" project production firm
  • Official status: Private
  • Address: Khatai district, 22/4 Suleyman Vezirov st. AZ1025; Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Telephone: (+994 12) 464 21 56; 464 21 57
  • Fax: (+994 12) 464 21 58
  • Mobile phone: (+994 50) 375 03 70
  • Chief (Director): Ibrahimov Khalil Mirzakhan oglu
  • Activities area: Preparing of project-estimated documents



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